3-4 Month Packing Guide

The mere thought of packing for a 3.5-month trip to Australia made me short of breath, breaking out in hives, and frantically searching for the paper and pen to make the ultimate packing list. Only half kidding. Where does one seriously begin when trying to choose pieces to fit into one suitcase for every single occasion/event imaginable (beach, work, warm, cool, casual, dressy, etc)? I began with a seriously pathetic attempt that consisted of sitting crossed-legged in my closet starring blankly at the masses of clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories that I couldn’t part with. I know it sounds ridiculous, they are just clothes for crying out loud, but the thought of only one purse, one pair of heels, two cardigans, and three dresses made me stressed. How could one possibly choose?! So after finally gaining a smidgen of confidence, I uncrossed my legs, grabbed my trusty pen and paper, and began to make smart packing choices (fingers crossed) on at a time. Here’s what I ended up stuffing into my suitcase:

Although these aren’t all the exact items I packed, they are extremely similar in fit and color. I started by asking myself: What do I wear on repeat in my normal day-to-day life? The answer I’m sad to admit is completely realistic and consisted mostly of basics: jeans, t-shirts/tanks in white, gray, and black, a blazer, and cardigans. So to fulfill my daily wardrobe comforts and push myself a little, I started making choices, top down.

I stuck to what I know best and made sure to pack v-necks in white, charcoal, yellow, and coral, tanks in white, gray, black, and pink, and additional statement tops in lace, layered turquoise, and purple patterned. Why so many tanks/v-necks? I seriously LIVE in these. They work with basic denim, as pajamas, under blazers, tucked into skirts, as swimsuit cover-ups, paired with colored pants/shorts, and as exercise wear. Somehow I just kept adding just one more!

In addition to my layering basics, I decided to add my beyond favorite, pull-out-of-the-wash immediately grey sweatshirt from Forever 21, orange/tan color blocked linen sweater from Gap (recent), a multi-colored striped sweater, and button-ups in chambray, salmon (long enough to be used as a cover-up), leopard, and polka dot (not pictured, whoops!), all my favorites due to their comfortability. A navy blazer, black cardigan, and pink cardigan (seen here) finish up the upper half!

Bottom half was WAY easier. With the weather only increasing in temperature, I decided to only pack one pair of denim, black J.Crew trousers, and mint jeans, all extremely versatile, and chose to instead focus on shorts in a variety of shades (pink, white, denim, and turquoise).

Longer-lengthed dresses and skirts were a must since they need to follow the appropriate clothing regulations of Thailand. A floral floaty dress from Lauren Conrad’s collection (last seen here), red dress that can be left longer or shortened with a belt, shift dress from Gap, black maxi skirt, and bird patterned midi skirt all fit the bill perfectly.

SHOES! Tears will be shed as I dream of all my shoes left behind in a cardboard box and shoved into our storage unit. Can you guess which heels I chose to bring? You guessed it! Besides those, I chose gold and white sandals, my Tom’s, tennis shoes, and Steve Madden flats in both red and cheetah.

Accessories were added to finish and change looks easily. A leopard scarf, fedora, loads of statement necklaces, boyfriend watches, and rings will be stacked and layered daily.

What are your thoughts? Did I forget anything completely necessary? What would you add to this list for a three-month packing adventure? Be prepared to see outfit after outfit featuring these pieces, guess I will have to get a little creative! Thanks for bearing with me and the irregularity of posts as I get settled in Australia!

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6 thoughts on “3-4 Month Packing Guide

  1. I just thought of you the other day and wondered how things were going! I just say your packing is amazing! I hate packing even for the weekend going somewhere. I like planning my whole outfit the day before. I have always been like that. My sister and I shared a room and she would come in to go to bed and find me sitting in the closet thinking of new outfits to put together. HAHA.

    But looking at yours, you seem to have a great set. A few patters and a few plain. Your small accessories will go a long way (and who is not to say you might buy a few more new trinkets there!?!) 🙂 Superb choices! Sort of an inspiration post for me to pack light the next time I travel. Fun that you are going to a places where it is somewhat warmer. I just pulled out all my fall/winter attire!


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