Thrifty Threads: Trench Coats

First introduced to the world in the 1850s privately to the superiors of the British Army, the trench coat has since become a classic coat available to everyone in every price range, color, length, and fabric.  Not only for the rain anymore, utilize your classic trench as an extra layer to your fall wardrobe (see it worn by Emma Stone, Alexa Chung, and yours truly).  Whether as a topper to an all black, edgy ensemble or paired with the other classic pieces of you closet, your classic trench adds the perfect finishing touch.  Other great styling options with your trench:  add wine colored skinnies, buy one outfitted with leather sleeves, detailed lapels, or studded shoulders, pair a cropped version over skinny pants, embellish with a brooch, exchange the belt for a statement piece, dare to wear it as a dress (i.e. Rihanna) or try it in a bold color.  What’s your favorite way to wear the fashion favorite trench coat?

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3 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads: Trench Coats

  1. Love all your choices! I have this awesome silver grey JS one I can’t wait to wear now I know it doesn’t have to be raining to wear it….:)


    • I love this comment! There is something daring, flirtatious and fun about your coat just skimming the length of your dress! Totally agree!


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