Apartment Video

Almost a year ago I graced you with this ah-mazing video (sense the sarcasm?) of my new, empty apartment in Chicago (here). No, my video shooting and creating skills have not yet improved, but who cares I want to show off my adorable apartment anyways! A few quick notes before we begin:

  1. It’s not perfect. I watch this video and can rattle off all the things I wish I had spray-painted, moved, replaced, upgraded, etc., but who can’t? 🙂
  2. I tried to keep it as realistic as possible for the video. The moving boxes are at the front door, the bikes are in the office, purses are on the floor, Oakley has unmade our bed yet again, etc.
  3. I’m not taking the time to disclose information on where items are from, so if you are curious just leave a comment and I will FOR SURE get back to you with as much buying information as possible.
  4. One year later, we have since moved out of this apartment and stuffed all our belongings into a storage unit. I miss my fuzzy blankets, bed, kitchen appliances, and comfy couch everyday.
  5. I consider this my first adult apartment and am proud to say Justin and I had fun (usually) decorating it together to incorporate both our styles.

Links to projects displayed in our apartment:

  1. IKEA Entry Mirror Spray Painted
  2. DIY Entry Rug
  3. Pinterest Framed Wall Art
  4. Creating a Gallery Wall
  5. Hanging Wall Art
  6. Travel Map
  7. DIY Headboard
  8. Closet Confidential
  9. On the Edge Shelving
  10. Lamp Revamp

What do you think of our first adult apartment? Have a favorite piece of furniture, room, or decorating idea? I would love to hear any feedback on what you love or would change! Thanks for watching!


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