Whale Watching

The moment I heard that some 8,000 Humpback Whales migrate from Hervey Bay back to Antarctica between June and November right along the Sunshine Coast, I was relentless in my plea to hop on a boat and see these majestic creatures up close!  We ended up booking with a local tour company, Liquid Getaway, for a more intimate encounter with the animals instead of the big boat holding upwards of three hundred people.  Although we were only able to find one group of Humpbacks (a mama, her calf, and an escort), we were amazed the entire time watching them travel and interact with each other, hearing them blow, and in absolute awe seeing the calf breaching five times begging for his mum to feed him!  No words can fully describe the experience/feeling of seeing a whale breach.  UNBELIEVABLE.  Not only did we see the whales, but also spotted two different species of dolphins, a poisonous sea snake, a crab, and jellyfish!  Finishing off with fresh fish and chips from the Mooloolaba Seafood Market completed our perfect morning at sea!


11 thoughts on “Whale Watching

  1. the snake …..YIKES! the fish & chips ….. SCRUMPTIOUS! so jealous of your whale watching experience!! [the one time I went, while in oregon, not a single whale would surface for us].


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