Braided Knot Bun

With the humidity percentage growing higher by the day here in Australia, my hair becomes increasingly less manageable (read:  frizzy and wavy).  My solution?  Experiment with new (new to me anyways) styles of ponytails and braids.  The current favorite is this super easy, braided knot bun that I donned for this outfit post.  All you need are a few bobby pins and the ability to braid!

Step 1:  Start with dry hair and part into two sections (like you would for pigtails).  The part does not need to be perfect, just part down the back with your fingers.

Step 2:  Braid each section away from your face (start with the outermost strand braiding it on top of the middle strand and so forth to give the side a twisted look) so you have two braided pigtails.  Optional: to make it easier, secure the bottom of the braids with a small elastic two inches from the bottom.

Step 3:  Tie the two braids into a knot at the nape of your neck.  You could also make the bun more to one side if you wanted by knotting the braids to that side.

Step 4:  Tuck in the ends, secure with bobby pins, and voila a beautiful, braided knot bun!

See my sock bun tutorial here!


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