Hill Hell

Living in an apartment in a foreign country for only three months means no convenient gym membership or motivating bootcamp classes so we’ve gotten creative with our workouts.  One block away and across the street from our apartment is a hill overlooking the ocean and one of the beaches of Mooloolaba.

hill, workout, fitness outsidestairs, hill, workout, fitness, outsideWhat does that hill and it’s scenic view have to do with our creative conditioning?  That hill kicks our butts at least twice a week as we try to sprint up it and roll jog down, while the breathtaking (literally) view allows us to still enjoy living by the ocean and reminds me of wearing a swimsuit in public which makes me work even harder.

Maybe you don’t have the pleasure of a hill overlooking the ocean, but we all can think of one miserable hill in our town/city that would kick our butts and be perfect for this workout.  I know I can still picture one from every place I’ve lived (Bettendorf – by Mark Twain Elementary, Iowa City – by McBride, Chicago – by Lincoln Park Zoo).

What You Need:  A Hill or Stairs or Both

hill, workout

The Workout:  Run up a hill at full speed, jog down, do a strength move, and repeat.

Personally:  I try to complete this workout of 10 hills and 10 strength moves twice a week.  I choose 10 strength moves from the list below prior to starting the workout to mix it up every time and to not waste time deciding what to do next during the workout.  I also time myself to see how quickly I get through the workout and to see any improvements (time and strength wise, can I do more reps/hills).

The KEY to this workout is to do it CONTINUOUSLY.  As soon as you reach the bottom of the hill – you are starting the strength move, as soon as you do the reps for the strength move – you are immediately running up the hill.  I mentally always think:  The quicker I do it, the sooner it’s over!

Favorite Strength Moves:  no weights required, the reps stated are what I strive to do

How I Feel After (Bright Red Tomato Face and All):

My Favorite Fitness Gear:  Old Navy Active Capris | Lorna Jane Excel Tank (cute here too) | Columbia Hat | Brooks Brothers Running Shoes

**Disclaimer:  I am not a health professional, just forwarding along my new fav workout**


4 thoughts on “Hill Hell

  1. Wow, that’s pretty incredible. I feel like that would be better motivation to work out than anything else!


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