Movember for the Mo Sistas

November has become known as the month that men toss out their Gillette razors and begin a daily challenge to grow the best manly beard/mustache possible, which just generally ends in embarrassing scratchy patches of facial hair or full on grizzly bear mode.  But as ladies how do we get involved?  Assuming you aren’t up for growing your own mustache to compete with the boys (not highly recommended), the next best bet is to incorporate mustaches into your wardrobe (shirts, shoes, jewelry, accessories) or home decor (pillows, money jar, printables), try out these nail tutorials (here, here), wear your own furry vests, sweaters, or boots, or take tips from the pretty blog and throw a Movember party with cute invitations, photo booth props, and mustache adorned food, straws, and drinks.  If nothing else, make a donation no matter how big or small to support men’s health (here).  How are you celebrating Movember?  Do you love or hate the men around you participating in No Shave November?

Movember, NovemberClick here for all the buying information!

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