Airport Attire

Airport AttireWith my recent lifestyle change and with the holidays fast approaching, travel is basically in the near forecast for all of us, whether it’s by train, plane, or automobile!  After a recent four a.m. people watching experience at a New Zealand airport, I got to thinking about the choices we travelers make in our travel attire.

Personally, above all I value my comfort.  And although I must physically resist my first instinct to roll out of bed and throw on my favorite sweatpants, sweatshirt, and flip-flops, I make a serious attempt to appear like a somewhat put together adult instead of my 18-year-old alter ego!  Plus, you never know who you may run into (say a celebrity, your ex, or an important colleague) at the terminal restroom or the rest stop McDonald’s!  So what does this mean and how can we achieve it?  Here are some tried and true rules to maintain comfort and be holiday party ready upon arrival after those long commutes.

  • Choose wrinkle resistant, soft, moveable fabrics.
  • If you are prone to spills, choose dark colors to hide those ketchup or coffee stains from your fast food meals and quick pick me ups.  (This is totally my problem)
  • Layer, layer, layer for the varying temperature levels (i.e. the freezing cold terminal but the hot plane or for when your mom is shivering cold and you are as hot as a roasted chestnut)
  • Comfortable footwear.  I’m not the kind of girl who wears high heels through the airport (kudos to you if you are), but instead sport my bold ballet flats or stylish riding boots since they are easily removed and perfect for running to the train when I’m late!
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum.  Accessorize with stud earrings, a watch to keep you on schedule, a scarf to use as a blanket/pillow/necklace, and possibly a ring or bracelet.
  • Hair High or Low.  Sport that super high bun (as I did here) or side braid to allow your head to rest comfortably on the headrest.  Plus it gets cuter the messier it becomes!
  • Au Natural.  Keep that gorgeous face simple with a swipe of mascara and powder.  No one wants to wake up from a quick snooze with gobs of makeup under their eyes or lipstick smeared across their cheek.

What is your airport attire?  Do you go for comfortable chic or glam globetrotter?  Check back Friday for celebrity travel style!  Share your travel tips below!

Airport AttireJ.Crew Minnie Trousers (last seen here) | Zara Polka Dot Blouse (seen here) (similar here, here) | Forever 21 Chambray (similar here, here, here) | Steve Madden Red Patent Leather Flats | Leopard Scarf (similar) | Ray Ban Sunnies | Longchamp Weekender

travelAirport AttireHAPPY MONDAY!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful first week of December!


25 thoughts on “Airport Attire

    • I found mine on the clearance rack at Marshall’s in Iowa about 8 months ago!! Click the link under the picture for one that looks similar and is a great price from Target! It is seriously one of the most worn items in my wardrobe! 🙂


  1. I love your travel style. Comfy, but still chic. Layers and flats are a must for me. I used to try to travel in heels and I regretted it every time, so I finally gave up.


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