Wrapping Presents

Once you finish all that exhausting Christmas shopping, the fun part begins: wrapping presents!  Grab a glass bottle of wine and try one or all of these six DIY gift wrapping ideas to spruce up your holiday gifts, show off your craftiness, and minimize your cost of purchasing rolls and rolls of store-bought paper by re-purposing items around your house!

Attach holiday berries, pine cones, holly, or twigs to re-purpose brown paper bags or store-bought craft paper into beautifully dressed wrapping paper

KraftWrappingDecorate boxes with ribbon and small figurines

RoundBoxesCreate sweet holiday gift tags from leftover red and green candies

CandyGiftTagsCozy up your presents with those old wool sweaters

SweaterGiftStamp on your favorite design in any pattern

StampedLeftover yarn or string?  Turn it into a design and use in lieu of ribbon

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9 thoughts on “Wrapping Presents

    • Seriously right! I think a few of them would take a lot of patience but I also think they would be pretty easy after the first one! Presentation is everything after all! haha 🙂


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