Bucket List: Bungee Jump

We woke up Saturday, November 17th to a cold, rainy morning in Queenstown, New Zealand, got ourselves dressed in the comfort of our campervan, and drove the thirty odd minutes to the birthplace of bungee jumping at AJ Hackett’s Kawarau Bridge Bungy.  We stood in line for about an hour and a half (me barefoot since my Tom’s weren’t footwear appropriate) to willingly launch ourselves off the 141 foot bridge.  The person in line in front of us put it perfectly, “Who in their right mind pays to do this?”  Apparently, us.  And we absolutely LOVED it.  The moment we both got down we simultaneously said “Let’s do it again but HIGHER!”  Bungee Jumping…Check!

AJHK211170088013AJHK211170088012 AJHK211170088006AJHK211170117996AJHK211170117995 AJHK211170117992Here are our full bungee videos:

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9 thoughts on “Bucket List: Bungee Jump

    • Yes, we actually went the day after bungee jumping! I feel like they are two very different yet amazing feelings. I would for sure do both again! Check back Saturday, for our skydiving recap! Thanks for commenting!!


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