Friday Five: Christmas Day

Can you believe that Christmas is on Tuesday?  Tuesday people!  That is a mere four days from now.  Do you have all your presents bought, wrapped, and under the tree?  Yep, me neither.  Oh wait, that’s because I feel like we are seriously skipping Christmas this year (Christmas with the Kranks anyone?).  We have zero Christmas decorations, no tree, didn’t partake in any of our holiday traditions, haven’t watched the mandatory Christmas movies, bought zilch for anyone, are sweating in the 94 degree heat, and are in Australia.  I know, I know.  Everyone would love some heat about now while vacationing in Australia and I am seriously not complaining about spending Christmas in Australia because I know how seriously fortunate we are to do so, but I just didn’t realize how strange and a little bit sad it would feel to be so far out of the holiday experience and away from family (no baking with my dad, crazy card games with the cousins or stuffing my face full of delicious family favorites).  Whoops, went off on a rant there.  Any who, with Christmas coming so quickly here are some last-minute ideas for what to wear, share, and play on that special day.


GalMeetsGlamGet this classic (and my favorite) Christmas Day Look from Gal Meets Glam

PopOfStyleXmasOutfitsPop of Style shows us outfits for Christmas Day featuring affordable pieces from Old Navy

TheVaultFilesVault Files takes us from Christmas Eve to Christmas Morning (adorable!)


HolidayTreatsCookies for Santa | Peppermint Bark | Melting Snowmen


Listen to this holiday playlist and these Christmas albums, watch the ten best holiday movies, challenge your family to a Christmas Wrap, and enjoy every second with one another.

PlayonChristmasHave a WONDERFUL, CHEERFUL weekend!


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