Bucket List: Skydiving


The morning after jumping from the Kawarau Bridge, we drove our campervan to Wanaka to take part in another extreme activity…SKYDIVING. Unlike the bungee jumping where we waited an hour and a half on the bridge waiting for our turn, we were briefed on the safety precautions via a video, shimmied into our bright orange jumpsuit, shook hands with our jump buddy, and were shuffled into a tiny airplane in a matter of minutes. The twenty-minute plane ride up to 20,000 feet included an oxygen mask (just for precaution of course) and a beyond beautiful view of New Zealand scenery. Before we knew it, our beautiful strangers were opening the doors and launching us out the side of the plane!! There are no words to describe the feeling (luckily we have these videos to share), it was just amazing.  Special shout out to the awesome staff at Skydive Lake Wanaka!

Justin’s Video

My Video

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13 thoughts on “Bucket List: Skydiving

    • Oh, no never, must be an incredible sense of freedom turning and falling into the sky. I want to jump some day sure


    • No doubt about it! that’s such a wild dream, but to be honest I don’t know if I dare to jump. Bungee I had a chance once and didn’t jumped, but it was so long ago at a beach, I was like 13… Yes, so different sensations and experiences I guess.


  1. That’s terrifying and incredible all at the same time! I’m impressed that you have the courage to do something like this (or bungie jumping for that matter), as I’d never muster up the guts to do it. Congrats on surviving, loving it, and knocking something off your bucket list!


    • Both experiences were indescribable and unbelievable in totally different ways! I think I actually prefer the rush from bungee jumping over skydiving (more stomach dropping). Why wouldn’t you ever muster up the courage? Could you be persuaded Bri?


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