Travel: Mt. Cook

MtCook1After a weekend jam-packed with extreme activities (here, here), we decided to stay grounded and headed to one of the South Island’s most popular and beautiful tourist destinations, Mount Cook.  As the highest mountain in New Zealand at 12,316 feet, Mount Cook offered Sir Edmund Hillary a place to practice his mountaineering skills before becoming the first man to officially summit Everest and today offers heaps of great hiking trails and beautiful views for the numerous adventurers visiting each year.  We chose to hike both the four-hour Hooker Valley Track where we crossed multiple swing bridges and walked along the beautiful river until reaching the glacier terminal lake and finally the two-hour Red Tarns hike that was literally stairs straight up the mountain but gave breathtaking views of Mt. Sefton and Mt. Cook (totally worth it).  A dinner at the local restaurant, Old Mountaineers, capped off a perfect day with its inspiring story, delicious locally grown, organic food, and unobstructed view of Mt. Cook.



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