Friday Five: Australia Moments

Here are five of my favorite moments from our time spent in Australia!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Any exciting plans?

Car Camping – Although at the time sleeping on a concrete floor didn’t seem that appealing, I will forever cherish our many nights spent in our tent in the wilderness listening to music, playing cards, drinking wine, and chatting about anything and everything just the two of us.

Car_Camping_AustraliaPomona – This little town we stumbled upon in the Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland charmed my socks off.  From the quirky signs at grandma’s breakfast restaurant to the fully stocked antiques store to the straight-up rock climb to the top of Mt. Cooroora I was 100% smitten with this place.


Sydney Fireworks – Even with the 13-hour wait in the blazing Australian heat, Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks were beyond my wildest expectations.  What a way to end 2012 and ring in 2013!

Lawn Bowling – Our last week in Mooloolaba we rallied a group together to participate in the sport of lawn bowling, which is mainly played by retirees wearing knee-high socks and toting rolling suitcases of their own personal sports equipment.  The game ended up being ridiculously fun and competitive, the cheap drinks and hot chips (interpreted for Americans: French fries) kept us satisfied, and the people we played with will forever hold a place in our hearts.  Sounds corny?  Yes, but these two couples took time to invite us into their little circle for the two months we were there and made our time in Mooloolaba (and at work) so much better.

Lawn_Bowling_AustraliaAnimal EncountersYes, I know I’m a cheat.  I couldn’t bear to pick between my favorite animal experiences so I thought I’d clump them all together into one category!   Could you seriously choose between koalas, kangaroos, whales, and turtles?  I didn’t think so!



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