Travel: Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand-87We arrived in Bangkok late Saturday night on January 5th and immediately found ourselves in the back of a cab for 45 minutes “lost” trying to find our hostel. A few stops for directions, frustration levels risen, and bargaining with the taxi driver and we were checked into our hostel, Linkcorner Hostel, and heading out to check out the local night market before hitting the hay in preparation for our full day on Sunday.

Sunday we woke up ready to conquer all that Bangkok has to offer in a mere 12 hours. It was a hefty goal but we successfully saw Wat Pao (Temple of Reclining Buddha), Wat Arun (temple of Dawn), Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of Emerald Buddha), The Grand Palace, walked through multiple markets, and ate some delicious food with amazing views. Our tour guide, Jimmy, for Wat Pao taught us the history, meaning, and practice of the people and religion as well as the different Buddhas that people pray and worship.



19 thoughts on “Travel: Bangkok, Thailand

  1. OMG.. these pics are so amazing – some look to amazing to be real! Now I’m going to have to travel there too!
    Thanks for the share – have missed your out-and-about pics – but am liking your picks for guest bloggers! – one lives in “my neighborhood”!


    • The temples in Thailand are stunning, I don’t even think the pictures fully capture their beauty.

      I have missed sharing out and about pictures with you all, but with the lack of consistent Internet and our now 100% tourist lifestyle I just don’t have the time or access to write quality posts but luckily I have amazing ladies to step in for a little while. It means so much to me to hear you miss them though, so thank you. πŸ™‚


    • But of course – you inspire me… And I have frequented F21 more often for those key finds b/c of you. Hope you know that we all understand the challenges of connectivity – never meant to make you feel bad… Just keep ’em coming when you can. I’ll enjoy every one!


    • Thanks Sarah! We are having a great time but can’t believe we’ve already been traveling for almost five months! Hope everything in Chicago is going amazing and you are staying warm in that snowy weather! πŸ™‚


  2. My sister and brother-in-law lived in South Korea for a few years and got to travel to places like this. Beautiful! Just astounding pictures–I can’t imagine being there! πŸ™‚ And those stairs…they would be my death!!! LOL. That picture is great!


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