Hair To: Alternative Braid by Twist Me Pretty

20130207-143318.jpgWell hello there gals!  I’m Abby from Twist Me Pretty and I’m here to share with you the super easy and chic hairstyle I call the alternative braid.  If these steps are a little bit confusing, have no fear, you can watch my video tutorial here.

altbraidfullresStep one:
You are going to need some type of curling iron.  It can be a wand or an iron, whatever you use to curl your hair will work.  We don’t care so much about the curls here as we do the texture the curls create.  Once your hair is curled tease the roots just a bit to add some volume.

Step two:
Pull all your hair to one side.  I always pull my hair over to the thickest side because I prefer that look more on me.  Either side however works.

Step three:
Split your hair into two sections and twist both sections of hair towards each other with your fingers.  I like to roll the hair around my pointer fingers.

Step four:
Place the two sections of hair you’ve just rolled into your non dominant hand.

Step five:
Take the pointer finger of your dominant hand and wiggle it through the two sections of rolled hair.

Step six:
Use that pointer finger as the guide to split the hair into two new sections.  Then you’re just going to repeat these steps until you get to the end of your hair.  Split, wiggle and twist!

Step seven:
Now this is the step where the magic happens.  You’re going to tug and loosen those strands of hair with your dominant hand while you’re holding the ends of your braid with your non dominant hand.  This is where you will pull your own creativity into the style.  The shape of your braid is completely up to you depending on how and where you tug on the pieces of your braid.  Just keep in mind, the more you tug on your braid the thicker it will be, but the faster it will fall out.

Step eight:
Tie off your braid with a clear elastic.  I purchased my nice stretchy ones from Sally’s but you can get the nice ones from any beauty store.  I would avoid any elastics you get from the grocery store as they are super hard on your hair.

Step nine:
This step is completely optional.  If you end up pulling out too many pieces and your braid starts looking too loose near the nape of your neck you can grab a small section of hair from the front and a small section of hair from the back, as shown in the picture.

Step ten:
You’re then going to fold those two sections of each other and secure the strands with a bobby pin.  Again, these steps are optional!

I’d love for you to stop by my corner of the internet and say hi!  I’m a stay at home mom with the two cutest babes and I blog all about my life and the things I love.  If you’re interested in more hairstyles check out my style gallery and my hairstyle ebook!

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See you soon!


4 thoughts on “Hair To: Alternative Braid by Twist Me Pretty

    • Thanks so much Giovanna! Abby from Twist Me Pretty creates the prettiest hairstyles! Just checked out your blog and love your outfit post with the leopard pants and chambray! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂


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