Headed to the Top of the World

20130215-215825.jpgI can’t believe it’s already here….it is the middle of February people! Where have the last 5 months gone? Seriously, I’m asking. When we left in September for our journey around the world, the thought of Nepal and this tiny little hike to Everest Base Camp seemed lightyears away. And why wouldn’t it? We had Australia then Thailand then China to plan, but somehow they just flew by in a blink of our eyes and POOF here we are sitting in our hostel with our packs packed ready to take off tomorrow on a 15 day trek to Everest Base Camp with our guide Arby! To say I wasn’t nervous would be 100% untrue, but I luckily have The best partner to guide me through (Justin, not our guide Arby). As much as I DON’T want to do this, I have decided to put a hold on all posts until we get back in the beginning of March since I haven’t had and won’t have the time, ability, or energy to create posts I feel proud to share. We are hoping to have limited Internet access along the route so make sure to follow me on Instagram for updated pictures! Fingers crossed for a safe and healthy journey! I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the month and I will “see” you all again in March! Xoxo, Megan


12 thoughts on “Headed to the Top of the World

    • Thanks so much Reem! We are officially back and have tons of photos to Instagram since we had absolutely no Internet while we were away! Thanks for following long! 🙂


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