What I Wore: Sydney Opera House

SydneyOutfit-1I know it’s no secret these are not recent pictures considering we were in Sydney for New Year’s a whole two months ago.  Wow, time flies.  But I thought I would share them for a few reasons:  (1)  To showcase this silver headband I bought at Express almost two years ago and only ever wear as a necklace due to having a huge head that does not look good adorned with large pieces of hardware.  The purpose is to show that just because a store sells it one way (in this case a headband) doesn’t mean you can’t re-purpose it to better suit your needs (a necklace).  Think multifunctional.  (2)  This is what my typical site-seeing outfit consists of:  skinnies, flats, and a comfy shirt topped with a jacket or cardigan.  (3) I miss normal clothes.  I’ve been grudging around in hiking clothes for far toooo long.  I miss colors and shoes without laces and nail polish and sparkly jewelry.  Oooo jewelry.  (4)  To show how easy a fishtail braid works with everything.  I did this one on the bus in ten minutes without a mirror so I didn’t have to worry about the wind and hair situation the rest of the day.  (5)  I love the Sydney Opera House, Sydney, and Australia in general.  Just a little bit of reminiscing over here.

SydneyOutfit-3XXI Mint Jeans (similar, last seen here) | XXI Grey Tank | Silence & Noise Navy Blazer (here, similar here, last seen here) | Steve Madden Red Patent Flats (similar) | Express Necklace (similar, similar) | Michael Kors Watch



4 thoughts on “What I Wore: Sydney Opera House

  1. I hope you’re enjoying your travels!! Tell Kate I said hi!! And I love this outfit. Those colors look so perfect together. I love that you wear that headband as a necklace. It looks great!


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