Time Flies…

Prague-237So apparently it has been well over two months since I’ve shared any updates about our travels or an actual personal outfit post with you (special thanks to all my guest bloggers).  I guess that’s what happens when you are having way too much fun!  Since our last Thailand update, which in its self was way overdue, we have been to China, Hong Kong, Nepal (Everest), made a short trip home for a family death, Istanbul, Greece, Prague, and Germany with Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London in our near future!  Wheeewww, it’s exhausting just typing it.  We are trying to fully enjoy every minute of each city as we only have 1 MONTH left of our little world tour and the harsh reality of adulthood is just around the corner ready to smack us in the face.  Our return tickets are officially booked home to Chicago for April 27th and we have already begun filling out a massive to-do list for the month of May (find jobs, maybe?).  I’m looking forward to getting home and back to my regular outfit posts, recipes, shopping guides, and daily posts.  Here are a few pictures of our recent travels, but expect more full-blown updates over the next few weeks (maybe 3 times a week?)!  You can follow my Instagram update here too and I would LOVE any recommendations for Paris or London!  And as always, thanks for following along on our crazy little adventure!  Happy April! 🙂

untitled-49EBC Trek-196Istanbul-86Greece-138


5 thoughts on “Time Flies…

  1. Can’t believe your trip it almost over, so excited to spend the last few weeks with you! See you in just 5 short days, GREAT PHOTOS!


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