Piperlime Picks for Summer

I just realized the best benefit of our credit card reward points…gift cards to Piperlime! It’s like free money people. And when you just traveled the world for seven months and are currently unemployed with a shopping restriction, gift cards are as good as gold and my only option for updating my summer wardrobe. The only problem? I want all of these. I feel that each of these items could individually add to my current wardrobe whether as a fun print, pop of color, or statement piece, creating visually appealing layers and outfits as opposed to my usual simple dress or tee. So help a girl out, which of these items do you feel would be most worth my golden Piperlime gift card?

Piperlime_PicksFloral Dress | Braided Sandals | Fedora | Denim Vest | Sunnies | Watch | Floral Blazer | Earrings | Neon Pumps | Leather Tee | Bangle | Skirt


4 thoughts on “Piperlime Picks for Summer

  1. Gift card spending is the best! (Though I always end up spending actual money, because the other things are “like basically free right?”) lol I would go with the two most versatile pieces here: the floral dress and the denim vest! So easy to accessorize with items you already have to punch up your summer wardrobe!

    -Rochelle ❤ (http://tnkstyle.wordpress.com/)


    • Rochelle, that basically sums up my thinking as well when it comes to gift cards! I totally agree that the floral dress and denim vest would be the most versatile options! Thanks so much for helping me decide! Hopefully they look as amazing in person as they do online! 🙂


  2. I love redeeming my credit card points for gift cards to shop. Perfect for Miss Frugal here! In any case, my favorite pick of the items if the floral dress and the hat. Those are must-haves in my book for Summer. Good luck deciding! 🙂



    • I’m pretty sure that is all we will be using our credit card points on from this point forward! I’m sure my husband isn’t thrilled about that! hahah at least it’s like free shopping, right?!


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