Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop_Smell_RosesApparently it is Friday. The days of the week run together in one continuous blur when you are unemployed, Monday feels like Friday and Saturday feels like Monday and you never know what Wednesday will feel like. I have a million and one things on five different to-do lists (must get a new planner ASAP, recommendations?) and what feels like five minutes to do them all (plus, I ordered this, want to try this cleanse, attempt this DIY, and devour this recipe). I can’t imagine how all you responsible employees/bloggers/volunteers/siblings/parents feel maintaining what I am sure is an impressive balancing act. Through the semi-controlled chaos of this week, I have consciously reminded myself to take a deep breath and stop and smell the roses, to slow down on our long walks with our pups, and to enjoy the quality time with friends and family that we so missed over the past 7 months; the to-lists can wait another day. I hope you all take a moment (or ten) to kick back and enjoy the small moments with your families this weekend – especially those amazing women we get to call our mothers. Lastly, if you have a minute please jump over to with a C.H. to read and support this girl who needs everyone’s thoughts and prayers.
Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!


13 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Roses

  1. This is my first time on The Thread Affect and I seriously read through atleast three pages of posts before having to pull myself away. I really love how much personality you two show in your posts and how you both cover so much of everything. I especially love the post about Thailand and will definitely be trying the dessert recipe you linked to here! Think I found a new blog to add to my reader!



    • Wow. That’s unfortunate about the straps. I’ve seen about a zillion bloggers wearing them so figured they had to be comfortable but I’m glad I asked your opinion. Thanks for letting me know. Have a great Wednesday!


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