Travel Tuesday: Istanbul

TurkeyDay2-19After a brief trip home to Iowa after Nepal, we headed back overseas to Turkey for a few days in Istanbul where we met up with two of my favorite ladies in the world – KTP (you know her as my stand-in chef while I was away) and Amanda (aka Kuhter, my college BFF). The four of us had an unbelievable time exploring all the main attractions of Istanbul with the Basilica Cistern, Turkish baths, mosques (Blue and New), Hagia Sophia, and our late nights playing euchre and drinking wine being my favorite by far (tip: skip the top rated Topkapi Palace). You can read our full adventures here but I wanted to at least share some of these photos with you as Istanbul is gorgeous, the people are beyond friendly, and I think you should definitely go sometime in your life. Also, watch out for recipe posts in the near future inspired by Turkey…the food was sooooo good.

TurkeyDay2-2TurkeyDay2-1 TurkeyDay2-3 TurkeyDay2-4 TurkeyDay2-5 TurkeyDay2-7 TurkeyDay2-8 TurkeyDay2-10 TurkeyDay2-16 TurkeyDay2-17 TurkeyDay3-3 TurkeyDay3-7  TurkeyDay3-12 TurkeyDay3-10


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