Travel Tuesday: Athens

Greece-43The four of us had a short flight from Istanbul to Greece, where we spent our first couple days discovering the ancient Greek ruins in Athens, mainly the Theatre of Dionysus, Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Zeus (where we had some fun with jumping pictures), and Ancient Agora. Besides the main sites we also had tons of fun shopping the markets/stores, eating THE best gyro ever two days in a row (pictured below), witnessing a guard slip flat on his butt during the Changing of the Guard ceremony, laughing hysterically as Kuhter climbed a tree for awkward family photos, trying homemade liqueur and wine at the oldest distillery in Athens, Brettos, and hiking up Mount Lycabettus for incredible views of the city. Two quick tips for tourists though: (1) there was a LOT of historical information at each architectural site and I would recommend hiring a tour guide for the Parthenon and Acropolis to make the tour and stories more enjoyable and less daunting (2) all attractions close at 3:00 PM daily so get there early. Have you ever been to Athens? What was your favorite thing you saw or learned? Check out our detailed adventures here!

Greece-47 Greece-49 Greece-60 Greece-39 Greece-10 Greece-129 Greece-144 Greece-67 Greece-99 Greece-166 Greece-263


8 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Athens

  1. Oh my word. Your jumping picture is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You should seriously submit it for a contest in a travel magazine. 🙂 And yes, I have been to Greece but Athens was not my favorite (though I liked Poseidon’s Temple). We traveled as a class all over! We got in a few islands, then ruins of Philippi, Corinth, Thessaloniki; Mycenaean ruins (with the lion gate); we saw King Phillip II’s burial site, a monastery, the site where the battle of 300 took place (Thermopylae), Berea and my absolute favorite: Delphi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of gyros, delicious salads, chocolate filled croissants. 🙂 Yum. Fun memories!! Glad you had a good time!!


    • Wow you saw way more than we did! I LOVED Delphi, probably my favorite thing we did in Greece! I wish we could’ve explored more but we were on a limited schedule! Where else in Europe have you been?


    • Yes, Delphi was by far the best! I was with a college class, so we were there for I think 13 days…it was back in 2010 and I am trying still to finish my scrapbook about it! :O

      Greece is the only Europe I have been to, but trust me I have a dream list. 😀 Tops are Rome, London/UK, Ireland, Switzerland, and Poland. Paris too. LOL. Guess I better get started!


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