Outfit Equations

DailyOutfit-1It is important for me to maintain a balance between the type of outfits showcased here (dressy vs casual, classic vs trendy) while still staying true to my aesthetic yet current in the trends. That means for me at this point in my life, aka unemployment, my daily dress code equals the simple equation of boyfriend denim, comfy blouses, and colorful flats and when the weather is cool enough my new favorite utility jacket that seems to add an instant cool factor to any outfit. This outfit equation has been the perfect easy combination for daily errands, walking dogs, and attending casual events, it was even perfect for a little playtime at the park!

DailyOutfit-2Old Navy Blouse (8 different colors, orig $29, on sale for $13)
Zara Jacket (similar, under $50, $30)
GAP Sexy Boyfriend Jeans (now on sale)
Steve Madden Flats (orig $60 on sale for $30, Target version only $12)



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