Travel Tuesday: Hydra and Delphi

We couldn’t come to Greece and not explore at least one of the beautiful islands so our wonderful tour guides, KTP and Kuhter, planned us a day trip to Hydra. After the bumpy two hour boat ride/nap, we arrived on the picturesque island. We set off to hike to the top of Mt. Eros making sure to stop and take in the stunning views of Hydra below as well as view the small church along the way. Once we reached the top, we were rewarded with an unobstructed view of the city below and the ocean beyond it, plus the opportunity to see a monastery and relax in peace/silence. The easy hike down left us with plenty of time before our ferry ride back to Athens so we grabbed a table next to the waterfront, a delicious lunch, and much deserved beverages at The Skipper and soaked in the last of the perfect views. Definitely one of my favorite things we did while in Greece and I highly recommend getting out of Athens to explore at least one of the islands. Perfect day.


Greece-198 Greece-181 Greece-195 Greece-185 Greece-206 Greece-210 Greece-214We also took a three hour bus ride to Delphi to see the Temple of Apollo and the Stadium, the site of the Pythian Games (predecessor to Olympic Games).  After touring the architecture we set off to explore the small modern town of Delphi by visiting multiple restaurants with mountain views taste testing local beers, meats/cheeses, gyros, and crepes.

Greece-218 Greece-229 Greece-234 Greece-251


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