Red Wine Summer Spritzer

RedWineSpritzer-11October thru March red wine is my drink of choice while sitting around the house during the week, but as soon as the nice spring/summer weather hits I kick the wine to the curb and reach for thirst quenching craft beer. This simple recipe turned my favorite cool weather beverage into one refreshing enough for hot, summer days and added a new favorite cocktail to my normal summer beer rotation. What’s your favorite summer drink? Beer, wine, or cocktails? Happy Hump Day!

RedWineSpritzer-8RedWineSpritzer-2Red Wine Summer Spritzer:

frozen berries (mixed berry, blueberry, or raspberry)
1 part red wine (1/4 cup)
3 parts La Croix Sparkling Water in Berry (3/4 cup)

Place ice and frozen berries into the glass, top with wine then sparkling water. Kick back and enjoy!


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