Friday Fail


Whoa. Where did this week go? Today is apparently already Friday and instead of attempting to quickly throw together some half-done-barely-thought-out post last night (wait..that would be this post you are currently reading..whoops), I’m going to instead hang my head in shame and admit defeat that I am completely 100% unprepared for today’s scheduled post. I hate to admit it but the other items on my to-do list are time sensitive and reflect on others so they are getting my attention spot numero uno. For example, today is my 5th (yep, 5th) wedding anniversary (read about 4 here) and we need to celebrate over a nice tall stack of blueberry pancakes before I leave with Chelsea to Chicago to attend this blogger event (my first ever!) and I still have yet to pack and get organized for the weekend. Let’s just chalk this post up to being human and attempting to have a somewhat social life. Hey, I’m trying to stop and smell the roses, remember? What are your plans this weekend? Whatever they are and wherever you are, I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Happy Friday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fail

  1. Happy Anniversary Megan!! So jealous that you get to go to the Simply Stylist event! Wish I was in Chicago right now so I could attend! Please post pics and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it once it’s over!


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