Welcome to the Jungle

Jungle-2Due to the longer length and thicker fabric, this camo shirt had yet to make a summer appearance, but when the temperature unexpectedly dropped it ended up being the perfect coverup for this simple grey skater dress. When paired with a trendy white manicure (which I surprisingly LOVE), girlie fringe booties, and a swingy dress, the camo print stays fun, modern, and feminine instead of jungle safari. What’s your favorite way to stay warm during the cooler summer nights – do you reach for a cardigan, jacket, or your favorite button up? Are you daring to try the camo trend this summer or saving it for the fall?

Jungle-4 Jungle-6 Jungle-7 Jungle-5 Jungle-3Forever 21 Dress (recent but can’t find online) (similar, similar)
NeuLook Camo Shirt (similar)
Target Fringe Booties
Capwell + Co Panther Ring
Forever 21 Studded Necklace, Chevron Necklace, Bracelet

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24 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle

  1. Your posts seriously make me want to just go out on a shopping spree. πŸ˜€ And as for me, I totally go for the cardigans in the evenings…most are from Target.


    • I generally reach for a cardigan too but am trying to re-purpose some of my favorite button-ups so I can still wear them this summer! Do you prefer the short or long cardigans?


    • It depends on what I am wearing at the moment I guess, but I generally go for long cardigans. More cozy! πŸ˜€


  2. Loving that you wore that camo top as a cover up to your grey dress…and your fringe booties are too fabulous! Also, that third picture is hilarious! Love it!


  3. I SO wish I could look good in camo! You rocked it, good for you! I found you on J loves J…you should stop by my blog sometime:)

    xox Megan


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