Splurge or Save: Metallic Pumps

Metallic heels are a major trend this summer and a great alternative to your basic black, navy, or beige pumps. I have to admit I initially was not a huge fan of this trend due to the combination of an extremely pointy toe and sometimes-too-shiny-cheap-looking fabric, but when I saw how Sydne and Marion styled theirs I immediately began my search for a reasonably priced pair. The four pictured below range from $15 to $650, two of which were featured by those two lovely ladies, and I personally just purchased the cheapest pair and can’t wait to feature them in a future post. Can you order these four heels in order from low to high? Comment below with your vote then go here to check your guess! How do you feel about these trendy shoes? If you’ve worn yours in an outfit post add a link in the comment section to have your photo added to my future metallic pumps outfit post!

MetallicHeelsComment below with your vote then go here to check your guess!


3 thoughts on “Splurge or Save: Metallic Pumps

  1. I was thinking the second or third were the most expensive but saw comment above. So close. That’s shocking that it’s so difficult to tell the difference between a $15 pair and a $650 pair. Great find!


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