Friday Five: Apps

RoadTripI’m headed to Ohio for the weekend with my parents and Justin to visit my brother, Drew, who works for the Columbus Crew. The next three days will be full of driving riding (perk of tagging along in your parents’ car) in the car for approximately sixteen hours. From all of our past lengthy family trips in the car, I am basically a pro at wasting the hours on the road which makes those ahead of me look like a piece of cake. Plus, I’m no longer one of three kids trying to share Mario Kart on a GameBoy or hoping my CD gets picked first. Nope, I’m old now and with that comes the power of having my own entertainment in the form of a cell phone and iPad (the only positive about getting older). Between these five apps, headphones, dozing in and out of sleep, and talking it up with the fam, those sixteen hours are going to fly by. Have you tried any or all of these apps before? I know none of the apps on this list are mindblowingly or even relatively new, but they are my faves and perfect for passing the time while traveling! What are your plans this weekend? I’d love to hear about them! Whatever they are, I hope you have a fun, safe, and exciting couple days! See you Monday!


  1. Candy Crush – I refused to download this game. But then I did and now I’m completely obsessed. Pretty sure I even see candy bubbles in my sleep at night.
  2. Kindle App – Ability to read and carry around tons of books at once without it weighing a ton? Yes. Please. Currently reading this for July book club.
  3. A Beautiful Mess – The bees knees of photo editing apps. Hands down my favorite. Love all the pretty borders, doodles, filters, and phrases.ABM
  4. Spotify – This music app lets me search for, store, and play my favorite songs while letting me leave my iPod behind. It’s perfect for traveling because I can constantly download or stream different songs/playlists when I tire of my current ones and find new bands/artists at the same time.
  5. Instagram – I mean everyone loves this app, am I right? Plus, they just added the new video feature which I am sure is going to make scrolling through even more interesting. Have you tried the video yet? Not even sure what I would take videos of, but will have to try ASAP.

Have a great weekend everyone!


7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Apps

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  2. I haven’t heard of a beautiful mess but I will definitely be checking it out! I can’t even begin to tell you how many photos I take and instagram when i travel. 🙂


    • A Beautiful Mess is hands down my favorite app outside of Instagram probably because of all the fun designs you can make with it! Plus when Instagram doesn’t fit your perfect picture, you can resize it with ABM first to make it work! Have you started using it yet?


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