Fourth of July Recap

FourthofJuly 567For the first time in five years, Justin and I were finally able to make it down to celebrate the Fourth of July with 18+ of my family members at my grandparents’ lake house in the Lake of the Ozarks. Although our childhood lake traditions of making up dock dances, playing BINGO with Grandma, and holding on to the tube for dear life have changed into more adult traditions of in-the-water beer pong tournaments, minnow shots at a local bar, LNBA games, and endless game nights, the most important tradition has stayed the same: spending time with family. Even though we had to leave a day earlier than planned (for this), we still had the best time lying around, swimming in the water, and being on lake time with the family for a great memorable five days. Here are just a few of our pictures from this past weekend at the lake. Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend!

20130708-211142.jpgPups2 FourthofJuly 569 FourthofJuly-1 FourthofJuly-1-3 FourthofJuly 5634 JustinFourthofJuly 568Since Maddie and Oakley were sadly left at home, we wanted them to feel Patriotic too so they were lucky enough to sport this super awesome patriotic headband when we got home!

20130709-214820.jpgYes, we are those kind of dog parents. I wish our future children all the luck in the world.

Hope everyone else had a great Fourth of July! It’s Wednesday, is this week crawling by for anyone else?


6 thoughts on “Fourth of July Recap

    • Our entire immediate family on my dad’s side has had those hats since I was about 3, which is probably why mine won’t fit my head anymore! We found them and just had to bust them out for a family pic!


    • The poor pups are so helpless at a whopping 9 pounds that they just get picked up and dressed up whenever we please. I think they all secretly enjoy it though! 🙂


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