Road Trip?

We’ve been home from our world travels for three whole months and let’s just say there have been LOTS of decisions to be made in that time frame. Where do we want to live? Overseas? Denver? Washington D.C.? Seattle? Chicago? What do we want to do (professionally)? Return to our old or pursue new careers? Do we move or get jobs first? Do the furbabies come with right away or wait till we are more settled? The list goes on. I posted a hint last night of our plans on Instagram, but after MUCH deliberation we have finally decided wholeheartedly that we are moving to…..

Seattle2…the beautiful city of Seattle!!!! But if you know us, you know we aren’t just going to pack up and fly there. Oh no siree. We are road tripping it! We are stuffing our Saturn, that sounds like a rocket taking off when you accelerate and has zero air conditioning, full of camping, hiking, and interview supplies/clothes and taking two weeks to see the sites on our way out West. I’m talking a visit to my girlfriends in Minneapolis, the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Black Hills, Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, and Spokane with mandatory stops in small town USA along the way. We have no idea where we will live or what we will do when we get to Seattle, but that’s part of the adventure, right? Wish us luck! I can’t wait to share all of our adventures in the next couple weeks! Oh and of course if you have ANY recommendations we would be so very much appreciative and thankful for your advice and help!!


I’m guest posting for Chelsea today about my tips for packing (how appropriate, huh?) so make sure to stop by! Happy Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‚


18 thoughts on “Road Trip?

  1. WOW! Neat! You are going to bring in some new fashion posts and fun adventure posts. How exciting! (though my initial guess was Denver, but maybe that is just because I used to live there, LOL). Cheers to Seattle’s Best coffee!!!


    • Denver was actually the other city we were highly considering but in the end we loved how Seattle was only 2 hours to Portland or Vancouver and 3 hours to Whistler! A move to Denver could definitely be in our way distant future though!


  2. Oh my goodness you guys are awesome! Can’t believe you’re just up and moving to Seattle!! So glad I get to follow along in your adventure!


  3. GOOD LUCK! Sounds kind of like the trip Justin’s dad and I made 30 summers ago to California. It all worked out for us and we didn’t have a fraction of a clue as to what we were doing so I KNOW you guys will be just fine (and won’t need the ‘luck’). The Pacific Northwest is definitely an awesome place and you will be very close to all of the things you enjoy doing. Best wishes on your new chapter in life and definitely enjoy the trip out there – you may want to add a week or two to really see all of the places you mentioned!


    • Thanks so much Doug! I wish we could take 3-4 weeks to REALLY explore Yellowstone and Grand Tetons but we’ve decided to cut it to 10-14 days but really focus on the area between the Badlands and Grand Tetons! If we miss it we will just have to go back again! Shucks! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. That’s so exciting! Seattle is one of my favorite cities. I have family there, and it is absolutely gorgeous. We took a ferry to Victoria and Vancouver in BC when I visited Seattle, so I definitely love how accessible it is to other cities. Good luck!


    • That’s great to hear! That is actually one of Seattle’s major selling points for us – we love the idea of being so close to so many beautiful places! Does your family have any recommendations for neighborhoods in Seattle or in outlying suburbs? I would LOVE any advice, there is so much information it’s overwhelming! Thanks Olivia!


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    • Thanks so much girl! Oh how I wish I liked seafood! My husband on the other hand is beyond thrilled for all the fresh seafood! I will just have to stick to drinking their amazing local wine instead ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I’m so envious how adventurous the both of you are! I’ve been Seattle or Bust for years!!! The picture above just reinforced a way of living I may regret not experiencing. What a beautiful pic! Safe travels!


    • Thanks so much Jeni! I’m really looking forward to our move and have both fingers crossed that we can find an apartment and jobs right away so we can get to enjoying the beautiful city!


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  8. Congratulations on your exciting news! I’ve heard so many great things about Seattle. I’m excited to read more about your new adventure! Happy packing!


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