Justin’s Birthday + July Highlights

JBdayJustin turned the big 2-8 this past weekend and to celebrate we basically ate all of his favorite foods in a 24 hour period (blueberry pancakes, bacon, donuts, Hungry Hobo, cake, and Pizza Hut) and boy was it all delicious. Simple tip: when you have no expendable cash for birthday presents, simply make a delicious breakfast in bed, bake a cake, write a sweet note, and partake in a favorite activity together (in this case: mountain biking and walking our pups). As we grow older we realize birthdays are about the experiences not the gifts! Happy Birthday Justin, my best friend and travel partner for life!

July-33Birthday Breakfast of homemade blueberry pancakes, bacon, strawberries, & OJ

July-17-2Birthday mountain bike ride at Scott County Park and my unintentional gift to Justin – fell off my bike over my handlebars and lost a shoe after hitting a tree – but we DID see two deer afterwards on the trail so it was well worth it

JulyJuly Highlights:
1. At a wedding in Ohio (wearing this)
2. Hotel beds are so hard to get out of in the morning, but a full day of shopping helps
3. My dad and I detasseling 13 years ago on his first crew
4. While in Chicago, Portillo’s BBQ Southwest Salad is a MUST
5. Somebody got a new haircut and looks just too darn precious (and knows it)
6. Serious summer games of badminton taking place in the backyard
7. Planning for our new adventure
8. Celebrating a friend’s birthday at the local River Bandit’s game


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