Book Review // Love with a Chance of Drowning

Sailing2Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRouche

“City girl Torre DeRoche isn’t looking for love, but a chance encounter in a San Francisco bar sparks an instant connection with a soulful Argentinean man who unexpectedly sweeps her off her feet. The problem? He’s just about to cast the dock lines and voyage around the world on his small sailboat, and Torre is terrified of deep water. However, lovesick Torre determines that to keep the man of her dreams, she must embark on the voyage of her nightmares, so she waves good-bye to dry land and braces for a life-changing journey that’s as exhilarating as it is terrifying.” (summary via)

Doesn’t that simply sound like a dream? Getting whisked away by a man with an accent? To sail the Pacific Ocean? To see the most remote islands in the world? To overcome your fears? To find the love of your life? To rediscover yourself? Not just one of those, but all of them combined into two consecutive years. Where do I sign up? The best part about this fairytale is that it is her REAL LIFE. Yep, this book is a memoir (which I dumbly didn’t realize until I was over 70% through the book), which just proves that real life prince charmings do exist (if mine wasn’t proof enough ;))! Being one who’s generally up for an adventure, I found myself relating to Torre’s consistent need for a plan and a to-do list, rooting for her to overcome her fear of the deep blue sea, fully enchanted by their connections with the ocean, people, wildlife, and one another and their earning for new adventures. You can should read the book (paperback, Kindle) and follow Torre’s blog, The Fearful Adventurer, for more beautiful writing, inspiration, and hilarious tales.

…great feats are accomplished mile by mile and word by word…

Life now feels like a game without rules, one I can design to my liking within this enormous playground called earth.

You’ll never feel a hundred percent ready. You just have to go.

Now head over to {little lessons in a big city} to read Chelsea’s review HERE and check out Erika’s review HERE! And please join us for next month’s book club review! I read two sentences and am 100% hooked!

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he'sgone**Quotes taken from Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRouche**


4 thoughts on “Book Review // Love with a Chance of Drowning

  1. Great review Megan! I think the whole time I was reading I had the same thought going through my mind, “THIS IS REAL LIFE?! HOW.” Crazy to think it was a memoir.

    Loved to hear your perspective on it – I’m sure you could write a memoir of your own with all of your travels! 🙂


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  3. loved, loved, loved this book!!! I can’t believe it’s TRUE. absolutely inspiring. there’s no limit to what we can do with a little ‘encouragement’. the love story was great too, but more importantly so real. every arguement, every feeling. LOVED. can’t wait to start reading the next book!!! xo!! 🙂


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