Florals-2 Florals-1Happy Hump Day!

Top | Pants | Shoes (similar)


6 thoughts on “Blooms

  1. Despite your great sense of style. I still notice you lack some arm candy 🙂
    I MIGHT be able to help. I dont want to use this as a chance to promote or anything. Because I was enjoying just browsing your blog. But I couldnt help to notice.
    Im sure you might feel like bracelets just arent your thing. But who knows 🙂
    I will stay in touch. I started my own at home business in Yoga fashion and I have a few items that im planning on putting on a website. This is more of a hobby because i have a fulltime job. So I actually have no problem with maybe sending you a nice bracelet that I think you would enjoy for free 🙂

    No strings attached lol. I swear.


    • Hi Randy! I couldn’t agree with you more about my absent arm candy in this post! I just never seem to have any bracelets to wear when I go to get dressed – always enough necklaces tho! I would absolutely love to see your yoga inspired bracelets (checked out the site and it wasn’t up yet)! Let me know if you would want to work together to promote them! Thanks Randy! Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂


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