How To // Remix your Bridesmaid’s Dress (Vote!)

Bridesmaidx3The week of remixing my bridesmaid’s dress has officially come to an end. Who else is as sad as me? I truly enjoyed challenging myself to show three different ways to style a common one-time-wear closet piece (for work, weekends, date night) and to give seven adjoining styling tips that I hope were helpful! So before I review this week’s bridesmaid’s dress remix tips with an added bonus tip at the very bottom (crazy, I know!), I would love to get your opinion on this week so if you could PLEASE vote on both the polls below it would be super helpful for the future content of this blog! Thanks so much everyone! Hope you had a fabulous week and have an even better weekend!

7 Tips to Rewearing your Bridesmaid’s Dress

1. Changing the neckline by adding a tight t-shirt or long-sleeve underneath makes it more appropriate for functions such as work or church and makes it appear less formal (aka, bridesmaid-y) if worn to a future wedding.

2. Colorblock to modernize and partake in one of this year’s biggest trends by adding the same complimentary color in some combination of a layering top, shoes or accessories (i.e. belt, necklace, purse, bracelets). Black and white are always a safe bet.

3. Layer with a casual blouse in flowy, simple fabrics to tone down the shiny fabric and add ease for a perfect weekend look.

4. Mix in textures and embellishments such as fringe, studs, baubles, or metal with your accessories, shoes, or top to create a visually interesting outfit.

5. Modify the skirt structure by layering a form fitted blouse or tank on top to achieve the always flattering drop waist silhouette and to minimize the fullness of the A-line skirt.

6. Add leather to decrease the girliness and increase the edginess, perfect for a night out with your friends or a date night with your husband.

Bonus Tip #7: switch up your hair and make-up! A sleek ponytail, a red lip, bombshell waves, or natural make-up all portray a different persona so have fun with it!


6 thoughts on “How To // Remix your Bridesmaid’s Dress (Vote!)

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