12 Hours // Seattle Apartment

If you follow on Instagram or Facebook, you already know that Justin and I have officially made it to Seattle and are loving the neighborhood and our building (not loving the job search aspect so much though). After our ten-day car camping road trip out west seeing amazing small towns, eating drool-worthy food, and exploring beautiful national parks, I’ve decided to start a new series, “12 Hours”, that will feature my recommendations/experiences for travel to these towns and parks in pictures and quick captions. Hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

P.S. I’m not going to lie, today is kind of a cheat. This post is more so 12 Hours that I was awake in my new apartment (aka 2-11 PM Friday and 8-11 PM Saturday) instead of 12 straight hours. What can ya do? I’m bending the rules and it’s only day one. Deal.

NewApt-12 PM // officially moved into our new apartment in our new city

20130826-171200.jpg3 PM // mandatory Target trip for the essentials (detergent, TP, food, etc)

NewApt-25 PM // first dinner in the new apt consisting of CPK and summer ale of course
(what are we sitting on you ask? oh just our inflatable beds, aka our only furniture)

NewApt-3 NewApt-4 NewApt-56 PM // clean up time before bed called for foot baths in our massive kitchen sink
(we had dirty feet from moving, no bathtub, and zero energy for a full shower)

NewApt-67 PM // no furniture = so much room for activities (i.e. ballet and karate)

NewApt-78 AM // wakey wakey, time to get up sleepy head

20130826-171059.jpg8:15 AM // a morning 5 mile run/walk to explore the neighborhood led to this shipyard

20130826-171113.jpg11 AM // local burgers at Lil’ Woody’s before a day spent at the library using the internet


9 thoughts on “12 Hours // Seattle Apartment

    • Thanks so much Lauren! I’m pretty much obsessed with that first picture of us standing in our living room/bedroom. So excited to start our new adventure. Have you ever been to Seattle before? Any recommendations?


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