August Highlights

The original schedule for today and last Tuesday was to share two of our 12 hour adventures from our road trip out west. Unfortunately, our only computer decided to quit on us last week holding all our pictures from our trip as well as outfit, recipe, and DIY pictures hostage making blogging (not to mention my job search) quite difficult. But we all must be flexible in our lives right? So since I have oodles of iPhone pictures accessible, I figured I could share August highlights instead, while I keep my fingers crossed hoping the geniuses at Apple can fix our computer this week. Here’s to hoping…


1. The best door handles in the West
2. My favorite outfit from the bridesmaid’s dress series
3. The serene view from our campsite in Yellowstone
4. Still have to represent the home state while living in Washington (thanks mom!)
5. Necessary signs throughout our campsites and hiking trails
6. Must remember this lately (image via)
7. The only possible shower in the Grand Tetons was the cool, refreshing water from Jenny Lake
8. Celebrated GPaw’s 94th birthday (!!!!) this month
9. Our nightly indulgence is usually a couple of these