Friday Five // New Apt Decor

We have officially been in our new Seattle apartment for three weeks (!!!) and although the decorating progress has been slow there fortunately have been a few choices made such as a color palette, room layout, and the purchase of this headboard. With less than 420 square feet of space in our entire studio we have decided to forgo a couch/living room setup for more of a bedroom layout that we felt would be more useful to us now (who really wants to pull a sleeper sofa out every night?) and in the future (guest bedroom) as opposed to another couch. Of course I wanted to share a few of our inspiration photos and request some much needed help and opinions: have you ever had to decorate a studio space? How did you set it up? Any space saving tips? What do you think of our navy/white/turquoise color palette? Think we should through in another pop of color somehow? Can’t wait to share the big and small details as we begin to pull the place together! Have an amazing weekend everyone!






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12 thoughts on “Friday Five // New Apt Decor

  1. Megan! I live in an itty bitty studio in NYC! I would be more than happy to share with you my layout — I think it actually works out really nicely!

    Can’t wait to see how you decorate yours! XO


  2. I’m diggin; the navy~white~turquoise color scheme. Another dash of color? Salmon to brighten and/or copper to deepen depending on the room is a suggestion. Then, I saw the flowers on the left which appear light salmon-ish in the photo.


    • You’re very welcome! Pink can get old as it can be too bright for the long haul, and it is subtly more intense than red to the eye, typically. Salmon leans to orange without the brash intensity which can work for a settling quality over time that stays intense and distinct.


  3. Looks great! Love those chairs!!
    While not in a studio at the moment, I tried the following – putting up a half-wall (wooden or made of shears to separate – especially my “bedroom” space from the rest of the apt. It made the bedroom a respite from work/living space and allowed for some privacy when guests come over. Plus a eye-catching painting or print can draw the eye to the area of the apt. you want guest to focus on (and away from the bed? – great tip for singles who are dating – that bed can seem daunting if that’s not where you want the date to go. This refocuses the visit. 🙂
    I’m confident that you’ll find the ways to make it yours and decorate it beautifully – as you’ve done in the past – you really ave great style. I also agree with mystereum above that Orange/Salmon – or something in that family would be great – Or some rich beiges would be good too – although more of a mellow pop.
    – TAF


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