Product Review // Phillip Lim for Target

6 AM wake up call for Phillip Lim for Target was so early but so worth it. Not just because of the products but because it was such a rush racing to grab items, witnessing the chaos that insued, making shopping companions in the fitting rooms, and seeing my competitive husband take shopping to a whole new level of awesome. Read on for my morning and thoughts on the clothes and handbags. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the entire experience and if you snagged any swag! I apologize that there are no links, our computer is still down for the count and blogging from my phone has its limitations! Happy Monday everyone!

20130915-201742.jpgOur line was sophisticated, calm, and orderly except for the few random groups who arrived with camping chairs, complete meals, and full product listings printed out (a little much? just maybe? but who am I to judge, I was crazy enough to get there at 7 am and stand in line so to each their own). An employee came out about fifteen minutes before opening and offered the entire line free Starbucks coffee. Say what? I don’t even drink coffee and I was impressed. That is some grade A customer service right there. Anyway, the doors opened and everyone stayed in our formed line (so proud) and made a b-line for the collection. This is where things get blurry. I have to admit I failed miserably. I got dazed, confused, and so overwhelmed by all the women and men surrounding me, grabbing this and reaching for that, and bumping into me that I seriously circled the racks a few times aimlessly and a little defeated. Bad blogger. But then I stumbled into my husband who like a trooper had managed to grab the coveted handbag and quickly redirected my focus. I completely switched from cuddly kitten to a ferocious beast, grabbing everything in my size ready to pounce on the next cart of restock (this is obviously an exaggeration). This is what I was dealing with people…

20130915-201755.jpgI ended up grabbing most items in my size and headed for the fitting room where I of course snapped pics to share with you all. Lets break it down.

20130915-201818.jpgThis dress (size x-small) was awful. Every girl in the fitting room thought so. The full length zipper was awkward as was the hem, neckline, and material.

20130915-201807.jpgThis blouse (x-small) in the same print as the dress above was much better in material and fit (long enough to wear with leggings). However, the dress on the right (x-small) was a disaster, for me at least – long and extremely unflattering.

20130915-202226.jpgIn both navy and white (wearing small but bought x-small), I loved the ruffle detail on the front and the placement is perfect for layering under a blazer – winner.

20130915-201825.jpgThis green/navy sweater (small) and navy skirt (2) were great – loved the material, fit, and shape.

I love me an animal print, but this one was a little out of my comfort zone. I loved it on Solange during Fashion Week so had to try it. On both the skirt and the blouse (size 2 and small) the material felt like a higher quality and was extremely comfortable – just not entirely sure I could rock this print.

20130915-225722.jpgOf course, the main attraction was the handbags. Thanks to Justin I ended up with 3 black bags and the coveted yellow crossbody. I of course couldn’t make a decision so they all came home with me, which ended up perfect as now I have one for my girlfriend who couldn’t go. After much diliberation (tough life choices), I decided to keep this bag for the zipper top, large space, and structured look. I’m not keeping the yellow since it resembles this clutch that I already own or the black crossbody because it already broke, which makes me nervous about the quality. Anyone else have issues?

20130915-201842.jpgI’m proud to say Justin was amazing and grabbed all four of the purses I was eyeing and watching him snatch the yellow crossbody off a restock cart was one of my favorite moments to date. Plus all the ladies at Target kept asking where they could get a husband like that? You can’t, he’s mine 🙂 Lets just leave it at this – he earned these Top Pot Doughnuts and an entire day of nothing but football.

20130915-201850.jpg**Update: After reviewing the quality, fit, price, and versatility of each piece, I ended up returning all the pieces I purchased that morning EXCEPT for a purse I snagged for my BFF that was my favorite. After a walk through Target yesterday, all these pieces except the purses are still available in large quantities in the store.**


10 thoughts on “Product Review // Phillip Lim for Target

  1. Ok Megan, this post literally made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing your experience and your thoughts! I loved reading them.
    Can’t wait to see these pieces styled on the blog!


  2. Ha! I love the way you described it, and how your husband helped! I shopped in a very quiet store, and I know the feeling of being overwhelmed from previous collabs. I also wrote a review. I actually love the sweater dress and paper floral dress on you! You look really cute! So far, no quality issues with the bags I got. Enjoy your new purchases!


  3. wow it seemed more chaotic at yout Target. i live in NM and well people there do not go crazy. the only launch that was a tad crazy was Missoni. i have been collecting since Richard Chai so the volume of people at the launch days has increased. i remember i went at 8am to the Rodarte Launch and well this girl pronounced it weird and she had no idea what it was…..i managed to purchase online, but found my purse that i wanted at the store. so the purse that is shipping to me is going back on the shelves once i get it. i bought the floral blouse, it fit wonderfully. and the navy skirt. perfect outfit combo. my husband had to work that day, normally i go in my pjs and get what i want and get out. so this time i had to treat my two kiddos to Dunkin Donuts as they were with me on this launch. your husband is awesome. i did a review on my blog


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