No Computer Means…

…attempting to utilize my iPhone to the best of its ability, which luckily for you all means sharing this super cute video of my fur baby, Maddie, who I finally get to see this coming weekend. Justin and I are headed back to Iowa for our good friends’ wedding, to see family and meet my new baby cousin (2nd cousin, maybe?), and to finally bring Maddie and her little sis, Oakley, to Seattle, the most dog friendly place I’ve ever lived. I mean my heart seriously aches watching this, just so darn cute. I can’t even imagine how moms feel about their real babies if I obsess this much over my fur ones! Just watch and see this bundle of cuteness.

And just because I don’t want Oakley to feel left out (since she can get online and read this), let us take a moment to bask in her adorableness.



Give all your fur babies extra cuddles today and have a terrific Tuesday!!!


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