Threads 3 Ways // Black Boyfriend Blazer

A black blazer should be a consistent staple in every woman’s wardrobe for it’s versatility, timelessness, comfort, professionalism, and layering abilities. The piece is classic so when paired with of-the-moment trendier pieces, it takes on a whole new presence. Here are three ways I’ve worn this Truth & Pride boyfriend blazer throughout the last year…

Threads3Waysoutfit details: skirt // pants // shorts

Any wardrobe piece that pairs easily with pants, shorts, and skirts alike is a piece I would invest in over and over again. I also love that you could change out the sequin skirt for a colored pencil skirt to make it work appropriate or take the colored pants look into fall with a warmer color (think oxblood or cobalt) or switch up the last look with relaxed jeans, black pointy pumps, and a graphic tee to make the look warmer for the months ahead. Honestly, the outfit options with a black boyfriend blazer are endless. If you already don’t have one, try one of the four affordable options below.

Blazers21 | 2 | 3 | 4

Also, if you have a moment I would love and appreciate your vote in the SheKnows Expert Contest! Vote here once a day everyday until Saturday! Thanks so much!


9 thoughts on “Threads 3 Ways // Black Boyfriend Blazer

  1. My favorite is with the shorts. And I think in your picture you look like Katie Holmes. 🙂 I don’t know why…just seems like an outfit she would wear.


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