Outfit // Camo Pants

CamoPants-1After months of hemming and hawing over the idea of camouflage pants, I purchased these Gap ones last week during their Columbus Day sale even though I still wasn’t 100% certain I was going to keep them. Would I honestly wear camo pants enough to make it worth it and what does a person even pair with them? Do I have the confidence to pull these bad boys off and to where does one even where them? All questions and self-consciousness aside, their new home with me was pretty much solidified the next day when I couldn’t wait to wear them and could easily pair them with solids already in my closet. Prepare to see lots of these pants in the future.

CamoPants-3 Pants | Sweater | Blouse | Necklace | Booties (similar) | Nails

CamoPants-2 CamoPants-4


7 thoughts on “Outfit // Camo Pants

  1. love this outfit so much when I saw it this morning that I wore my chambray top with a black shirt over it. I didn’t have camo pants so I wore my green skinnies with brown cowboy boots.


  2. I’ve just found your blog by clicking through from Kittehluvs above. Admittedly camo is not something I usually gravitate towards – but I love this look! So chic! The beautiful necklace paired with a collared chambray top adds a nice contrast to the camo!


    • Thanks for jumping over from Nout’s blog! Before this year I had NEVER been one to gravitate towards camo, but once I started wearing it I realized it’s easy to keep it classy by pairing it with classic items. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca! Have a great day!


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