The Christmas Challenge

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday weekend full of time with your families, pants-popping amounts of deliciously good food, time relaxing on the couch, and being thankful for what truly matters. With the passing of the Thanksgiving holiday comes the most exciting time: a month spent preparing for Christmas. This year I’m participating in Chelsea’s Holiday Challenge to make sure I squeeze in time for all my favorite holiday traditions this month. I would love to hear what your favorite holiday traditions are – share or link up your December bucket list below! Make sure to check out Chelsea’s list here and follow me on Instagram for pictures of my daily doses of holiday cheer! Happy December everyone!



4 thoughts on “The Christmas Challenge

    • I give the writer’s a huge “hat’s off”–should have won a few Oscar awards or something. 🙂

      Now that my balance is really bad, I have a hard time with stairs. I went shopping with my mom about a month ago. The Barnes and Noble was located upstairs, and we only found escalators to get there. I was so nervous and trying to get on them, I felt like Buddy. bahahaha…made the moment humorous at least.


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