What I Wore // Tree Hunting

ChristmasTree-2A major benefit of living in the Pacific Northwest is the opportunity to venture into the local mountains to search for and cut down our very own Christmas tree. In the past, we’ve proudly decorated our fake four-foot cashmere pine, which is sadly tucked away in our storage bin in Iowa, but this year we wanted to step it up and get our first REAL Christmas tree as a couple. The thrill of the search, traipsing through the mud and snow, feeling the fresh nip of the cold, debating the potential of each tree, sawing at the thick trunk, and shouting timber in victory adds a sense of pride, joy, and excitement that a fake tree in a box just doesn’t capture. This will forever be a tradition for our family to experience together to kick off the month of December. Now on to the decorating.

Searching for that perfect tree calls for a comfortable outfit fit to get dirty while keeping you warm and dry. Hunter boots to stomp in those knee-high puddles, black leggings to hide the dirt, a puffy vest to easily control your temperature (it gets hot hiking!), a stocking hat to lock in heat, and glittens to give you full finger function. Comfort, functionality, and style – the perfect combination.

ChristmasTree-3Vest | Sweater | Scarf | Hat | Glittens | Leggings | Boots

ChristmasTree-7 ChristmasTree-4 ChristmasTree-8 ChristmasTree-9 ChristmasTree-6 ChristmasTree-10 ChristmasTree-11The chosen one..our tiny 4 1/2 foot Corkbark Fir with nice thick, short needles for holding ornaments and a great smell to fill the apartment.


11 thoughts on “What I Wore // Tree Hunting

  1. Chopping down your own tree is so much fun! My family would travel up to northern Ohio and cut ours down. You can’t beat the smell of a fresh Christmas tree! So glad you had a fun time, and this might be the chicest tree-hunting outfit I’ve ever seen!


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