What I Want // Our Studio Apartment

Over four months have passed since we moved into our smallest living space since getting married over five years ago. Sharing 400 square feet and one closet between two people and two dogs has proven challenging, but with the addition of some creative storage space and downsizing of unnecessary clothing and knickknacks we are finally feeling comfortably at home in our new studio. Although we just traded in our travel towels for a real bath mat and plush full-sized towels, we have purchased a few items (this headboard and dresser) and are hoping to add a few more decor items in the near future, while using the pricier items below as DIY inspiration in our teal, navy, white, and gold color palette.

StudioApartmentHeadboard | Duvet | Lamp | Coasters | Dresser | Rug | Pillows | Print | Knob | Chair


3 thoughts on “What I Want // Our Studio Apartment

  1. I love the color combinations! I live in a 420 square foot studio, so I definitely understand how you’re feeling. I did a similar DIY project for my wall art. It’s so easy to look up quotes you like and play around with fonts!


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