January Highlights + February Goals

As promised, I am holding myself accountable for creating monthly resolutions by sharing them with my lovely readers because we all know that once something is blogged it just HAS to happen, there is absolutely no going back on it. 🙂 Looking back on my January goals, I’m pretty proud of my progress. I completed 8 out of 10 resolutions with my inconsistent blogging being the biggest disappointment and snowshoeing being the most exciting. How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? What are your goals for this coming month? So without further ado here are my February resolutions followed by our January highlights:

  1. Finish the entire fifth and sixth seasons of Gossip Girl
  2. Send in my dad’s vintage Ray-Bans to get refurbished
  3. Read a biography or memoir (read Orange is the New Black)
  4. Find a new church and go!!!
  5. Attend hot yoga at least three times this month (0/3 – whoops)
  6. Complete all pages for our Australia scrapbook
  7. Schedule and attend dentist and eye doctor appointments
  8. Blog at least three times a week or twelve times this month (retry from January) (12/12)
  9. Car maintenance: oil changed, new windshield wipers, organize the trunk, vacuum the inside, and wash the outside.
  10. Continue to record all birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family.


  1. The twelfth man takes over the city of Seattle
  2. Snowshoe selfie on Snow Lake Trail
  3. Educating ourselves with an avalanche awareness course at REI
  4. Crazy sale finds at H&M ($3 blazer, $2 turtleneck, $3.50 purse)
  5. Date night with my love to see Frozen at our neighborhood theatre
  6. Jumping on the local Seahawks bandwagon #GOHAWKS
  7. Fabric swatches for a simple DIY project
  8. Lunch for the past month (recipe here)
  9. Gorgeous views on our hike as the sun poked through the trees and reflected off the glistening snow

3 thoughts on “January Highlights + February Goals

  1. I loved your idea of monthly resolutions so Jan my goals were to have family dinners at the table. Which actually turned out amazing and the kids ask every night for them. They are taking turns picking what we eat. Keeping up with the cleaning so I don’t feel overwhelmed. My hubby and I had one date night out which we agreed is a must. The boys wanted to have dates with us too. Thank you for the idea I am excited for February we are doing 14 days of love its great what a simple coffee from your hubby on a long day makes you feel special. We just started 24 hour fitness this month is all about loving our selves enough to get healthy. I truly enjoy your blog keep it up


    • I love the idea of 14 days of love! I am going to have to steal that from you for next year! So glad that your monthly resolutions are working out – the family dinners and a date night are definite must-dos! Thanks for reading and commenting – you’re the sweetest!


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