Splurge or Save // Red High Heels

Step out this Valentine’s Day in the perfect red high heels, whether you choose to splurge or save is up to you! Do you already own a pair or are you on the search like me?

RedHighHeelsone | two
three | four
five | six


5 thoughts on “Splurge or Save // Red High Heels

  1. I don’t own any red heels, which I probably should! I have a pair of nude ones that I bought at Target, and hopefully my red ones will come from there too! And I need a pair of black heels as well. I think that since I would only wear them for special occasions, or for my blog outfits, I’d get a good wear out of them! What do you think?


    • Absolutely! I think red heels would go with so much that they would pay for themselves within a month! You should check the sale section at Target for the Sam & Libby black heels – I got mine a couple weeks ago for only $12 and can’t stop wearing them!


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