Outfit // Silk Flowers + SEE Eyewear

JoieBlazer-3With our minimal encounter with snow this past weekend followed by a week of rain and bone-chilling wind to say I am ready for warmer weather is an understatement. Yes, I’ve sadly already lost my Midwestern ability to cope with the cold. Lately when I need a little glimmer of spring in my life, I reach for this silk Joie blazer since it is the perfect bright topper to an all black silhouette, not to mention extremely comfortable, and the pattern reminds me of beautiful fields filled with gorgeous summer flowers.

Last week I wore this outfit to the grand opening of the new SEE Eyewear store located in downtown Seattle. Justin and I had a blast trying on all the sunglasses and were blown away that every. single. pair. was priced at under $100. It was such a great night meeting the brains behind the company and getting to meet and chat with other local bloggers. Check out photos from the event below and more professional photos here. Take the survey below to help me pick a frame, they were all so good I couldn’t choose!

JoieBlazer-7Gap Black Denim | H&M Tank | Joie Silk Blazer (via Nordstrom Rack; top version here) | Sam & Libby Heels | Hobo Clutch | Maybelline Pleasure Me Red Lipstick

JoieBlazer-4 JoieBlazer-8 JoieBlazer-6 JoieBlazer-5When your husband tells you your head looks big, you make this face! 🙂

SEEEyewear-16 SEEEyewear-13 SEEEyewear-7 SEEEyewear-12 SEEEyewear-6 SEEEyewear-5 FourSunnies

SEEEyewear-14Thanks for inviting us Gossip & Glamour and SEE Eyewear! We had a fabulous time!


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