Favorite Beauty Buys

Now that my thirties are quickly approaching I am attempting to find and invest in an anti-aging regimen that will fight fine lines and wrinkles, reduce my breakouts, even out skin tone, and hydrate. It is a lot to ask but with the few products I’ve featured below, I feel like I am well on my way to not looking 60 when I’m 35. I still have not found a day and night moisturizer or an eye cream that I love so if anyone has suggestions please throw them out!

beautybuysONE // I can’t be the ONLY one who didn’t know about makeup remover for your face, right? Eye makeup remover? Absolutely! But until about a month ago, I had just been removing my face makeup when I washed my face, but now that I’ve started taking off my makeup prior to washing my face with this product my breakouts have diminished, skin feels cleaner, and products absorb better.
TWO // After three years of constant use, my original Clarisonic finally kicked the bucket and had to be replaced by this pretty mint green one that I use nightly with the cleanser below.
THREE // Originally I won this cleanser through a blogger giveaway and only resorted to using it when I couldn’t squeeze any more from my dermatologist recommended cleanser, which I haven’t gone back to since. For the first time in the last 12 years, I am not using oral or topical dermatologist facial prescriptions and this cleanser is actually doing a better job at fighting breakouts than my previous concoction of pricy doctor medicine.
FOUR //  Using this exfoliating scrub three times a week in my morning shower wakes up my skin, making it feel refreshed and renewed.
FIVE // All natural ingredients that combine to lift and firm the skin? Yes please! This mask twice a week will hopefully eliminate any need for Botox in the future 🙂
SIX // This nightly serum fights my visible signs of aging while I get my beauty rest.
SEVEN // On those mornings when I jump in the shower a little too late, I immediately reach for this quick blow dry spray to cut my drying time in half and simultaneously add argon oil to strengthen, soften, and protect my hair.
EIGHT // Keep gorgeous eye color smudge, crease, and cake proof with this lightweight eye primer.
NINE // I’ve become obsessed with stick eye shadow since it eliminates a brush and maximizes the ease of application. Plus this one has 24 hour staying power and the color is gorgeous.
TEN // Wine has been my favorite color this winter and this vintage wine lip color (seen here and here) is an absolute must as it has long-lasting staying power and softens lips.


3 thoughts on “Favorite Beauty Buys

    • Thanks for the suggestion Mallory! The whole world of makeup and skincare is way overwhelming to me so any suggestions are super helpful (especially when they come from a talented makeup artist)!!! 🙂


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